Malana Village Rules of the 'LOST IDENTITY’

Malana Village Trek Warning Rules Facts

Malana village one of the oldest villages in the state of Himachal Pradesh is isolated from rest of the world. The oldest republic in the world has its own way of life and are particular about following there beliefs. Various documentaries have been made on this place like ‘LOST IDENTITY’.

The place has been named the “ATHENS OF HIMALAYAS” as the entire administrative are controlled by a village council of Jamblu Devta. Consisting of 11 delegates and authority from outside was never required.

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Malana Village

Rules of the 'LOST IDENTITY’

Strange fact about this place is that people here consider all non-Malani’s to be inferior and untouchable. Travelers need to follow the rule of not touching any of the walls, houses and even the people there. If they happen to do so, they have to pay some fine to cover the lamb’s sacrificial slaughter in order to purify the impure. They need to sign with consent that only the village council would be in an authority position, not the authority from outside.

People here would never accept the food cooked by non-Malani’s unless they are not in the valley. They can offer to anybody but once the utensil is used they have to purify that before using it again.



People here would be happy to pose for you but in case you want to record them then it’s a strict NO need to take permission.


People are in belief that they are the children of Alexander the Great. It is the reason why we still can see the reflection of Greek system in their local court.


People refrain from physical contact as they consider themselves superior from others. Even the languages they use are not allowed for any other villager to use or understand it.

Warning Malana Village Rules “EXISTENCE OF BANS ”

A part of above mentioned, there are several other restrictions

Fixing nails on the tree is restricted as they could harm the tree.
In the forest of Malana, burning wood is restricted.
You can take only dry twigs and branches from the forest.
Only in a specific time, you can go for hunting in the forest that too with the permission of the council.
If somebody needs the help from police they have to pay 1000 INR to the council as intervention from outside is not allowed.


The decision-making process is different from other parts of the country. It’s the superstitious beliefs that take over the rationality. If the decision is hard for them to take, then each of the two parties would make a deep cut in lamb’s foreleg and will poison it. The one whose lamb dies first has to lose the decision.


People celebrate Fagli or also known as Harlala Mask Dance Festival in the mid of February. It is an occasion where everybody takes bath and a group of people wears nothing but cannabis leave with demon looking masks. They spread cow dung while dancing around the houses.

Malana Cream

Malana village is famous for? Then the answer is MALANA CREAM’. This term has been given to the hashish grown here. Many tourists mainly from outside India especially come here in search of charas. The fragrance of aroma and rich in oil makes it expensive in a menu.

But since the police have begun to stop the cultivation of cannabis, the number of tourists has declined. Villagers are flowing to a dense jungle for the cultivation. They have been blaming the Government for this; as they are suffering a huge loss because tourism serves their livelihood.

They not only generate income from India but also from overseas. They almost receive the price more than ten times from the value of gold.

Preparing cream requires a lot of hard work and time as it is all handmade.

Although is available for sale there in case you don’t know where to go, villagers would approach directly to the one who seems interested.


By bus

First, reach Manali by bus (You can either book it from Himachal Bhawan or can book privately) and make Bhuntar your stop.
From Bhuntar, take another bus for Kasol and make Jari your stop. It will cost you only 30INR.
From there you will have to take another bus which runs only during the summer season, costing 20 INR and will drop you to Malana village.
In winters, you need to hire a taxi which will cost you between 600-800INR.
If you are traveling then you can share your ride and save a lot of money.

By Car

You can reach directly to Malana village from jari. Jari to Malana road video


The total distance from Kasol to Malana village is almost 21 km. You can start your trekking after coming 1 km from Malana main road to Malana trek.

It is fairly easy and you will see giant fields of the Cannabis plant while on your way.
You will see a river bed along with your path which is clean but cold. The water level is not high at shore but you need to act carefully in the middle.
The environment around the river would be a great idea to relax while giving halt to your trek.
There are no outline stairways, so you need to mark your own or you can keep an eye on others. You will find many other travelers with the same purpose.
It is advisable for you to take proper rest before stating trekking because it will make you tired.

Feeling of accomplishing the trek would be self-satisfactory and divine from within.

Restaurants in Malana and Kasol

Moon Dance Cafe – With the second highest reviews of travelers, it is one of the best café you would find in Kasol. They serve Israeli and Italian dishes which any food lover will love. It is in the main market of Kasol so that’s makes it easy to locate. In evening they give opportunity to couple to enjoy their dinner in candle light.

Stone Garden Cafe- If you are in a mood of trance with good food, and then this is the place for you. You can spend hours here sitting and enjoying the music. Especially in evening this place becomes amazing.

Evergreen- With the highest review, this place is easily accessible. Variety of food and great service is the key factor of this place. They have indoor and outdoor sitting arrangements. The only drawback here is that they only accept cash.