Hodophobia Travellers Fear of Travelling Alone

The meaning of summers in Delhi simply means mountains calling. traveling with friends, family or solo to spend some good time with your loved ones is fun. But there are people who have the fear of traveling not just the fear of solo traveling but in general, they have the fear of travel they are called Hodophobia.

Hodo + Phobia = Fear of Travelling

Fear of leaving the house even for a small distance is also Hodophobia. Hodo is originally a Greek word which means traveling or path and phobia means fear. Another phobia related to hodophobia is Siderodromophobia which means fear of trains and all related fear of trains.

The types of travel transportation fear they are listed below:-

  • Planes
  • Trains
  • Boats
  • Ships
  • Road travel

Hodophobia Causes: Leaving the Known: Fear of the Unknown

HodoPhobia is not a social phobia or agoraphobia they are more complex so let's not mix these phobias to make another phobia. Keeping it simple. The main reasons behind hodophobia is a combination of psychological trauma events.

Example:- Kids from the age of 2 to 18 in India every kid and youngsters almost gets warning from parents that don"t go there don"t do this and something will happen to you if you go there, these statements by parents makes the kid more conscious of the darker side of there fear. It only builds fear in the kid of not exploring the world. On the other hand, it is important for every parent in the world to tell their kids not to go far from there eye site because people have changed nowadays, You know what I mean.

Main cases of Hodophobia is psychological traumatic events while traveling, people who have experienced or seen accident during there travel, they experience panic reaction because of there own thought process of the events. they feel it will happen to them also.  Lossing yourself during a hike or a trek can be crazy and these few hours of a panic attack can stay for a long time but is it is curable. It's not a big deal but it is a deal for your will to work to overcome Hudophobia.

To overcome hodophobia: few things will surely help you overcome hodophobia

  1. Always travel with your trusted friends it is very important because only your friend will be able to understand your emotional needs and your psychological behavior so its like whenever you need help feeling that panic attack is happening to you. Where ever you go or when you get this thought, it is important to have a friend near you who will be able to really help you out in that situation.
  2. Secondly sleeping, one of the best method to heal any kind of a disease or phobia or any other form of anxiety that one person has because sleeping is a process where your body relaxes completely your mind is separate from the body during your sleeping hours so what generally happens to your body is it gets relaxed and your mind doesn't work that much so there is a good amount of rest and refresh energy there is a less of thought process if you have a good sleep. It is the best way to heal naturally given by nature there are many advantages of sleeping, heals anxiety, panic attacks healing psychologically and physically. So try and get 8 hours of sleep every day and getting into a routine is the best way to overcome anxiety depressions. Sleeping is important to cure hodophobia.
  3. Third Always plan well for your trip talk to your friends family or relatives whoever you know because if you have a good itinerary well planned it is easy for you to travel. Planning your trip in advance can make life much easier and simpler nowadays making a travel itinerary is easier by using one of the best app that I use for my travel bookings and to see my seats its MakeMyTrip. MakeMyTrip gives the detail idea of your travel itinerary with seat configuration map on the go on your mobile phone. Getting a seat map just makes you confident to face the fear of hodophobia . Don't panic if you apply it or bus or train is delayed MakeMyTrip mobile app gives you a complete update on the delay time so there is really nothing to worry booking your flight train or bus.

4. Always carry a book so whenever you get this kind of thoughts you can just divert your mind by reading few lines our a page from your favorite book.

5. Eating and having lots of water reduces the level of anxiety. Always carry a water bottle to stay hydrated.

6. If your a smoker or alcoholic person try and reduce because smoking and alcohol only increase the blood pressure and there is a possibility of you getting angry or losing your temper very easily so keeping this point in mind.  If you can quit smoking and alcohol or any form of the drug it will help you overcome hodophobia.


Fear is necessary, keeping the fear at the right place protects us from doing stupid things like going near the snake or jumping off the cliff. It is important to work so fear is needed. it is necessary to keep the fear of losing so keeping fear at the right place is important. on the other hand, there are places where fear should not exist like traveling, solo camping or for solo travelers. The world is really beautiful to explore, the beauty of the world the mountains, the rivers, and music, to explore all these amazing beautiful things on this planet you need to get out of this fear.

For some people its just not fear its a phobia, people suffer from hodophobia due to many reasons mostly it happens with the people who have bad experience during their travel I'm talking about generally people who have experienced live event accidents they have witnessed live accidents so they have this mental trauma that it will happen to them as well which is completely wrong yes obviously one experiences these kinds of events and one generally gets shocked. To explore the world you need to come out of hodophobia

If your friends say that I don't want to travel don't take it as a joke try and find out the reason behind it why your friend is not willing to travel with you or alone because this can be hodophobia. It is necessary for you to really understand your friend if that person he or she is saying I don't want to travel these are lines that need attention if you talk about travel with the person who has a hodophobia problem they have some symptoms that you can see in their physical condition sometimes they sweat when they talk or have panic attacks, psychological depression and they start living in the illusion so be careful.