Triund Trek Current Mcleodganj Tourist Places Trekking packages

Triund Trek Current Mcleodganj Tourist Places Triund hill Trekking packages

Triund Hill Trek Map

Triund Hill Trek Map

The most popular hill station of Mcleodganj is part of Dharamshala in Kangra district, Himachal Pradesh. The hill station is really popular with tourists as it includes a sizable number of draws as well as spectacular day hikes. The closest meter gauge railway stations around Mcleodganj are Nagrota and Kangra. While Hoshiarpur is an additional 40 Kilometers away Pathankot is around 80 Kilometers from the hill station. Gaggal in Dharamshala is the closest airport, in the event that you would like to visit McLeodganj via air. Mcleodganj weather stays nice for many part of the entire year, but the perfect period to visit the area is between June and September.

Mcleodganj Temperature and Triund trek weather

The summer Mcleodganj climate may encounter a peak temperature of 38& C, degree, yet this time of the entire year is ideal to get an extensive variety of tasks including trekking, paragliding and sightseeing. McLeodganj experiences significant rain through the monsoons between September and July. Mcleodganj provides a number of choices for tourists with distinct flavors that are traveling. Bhagsu autumns is among the main areas to visit in mcleodganj. The Dal Lake is a 2-kilometer walk towards the west of Mcleodganj Dharamshala. Exactly, the lake is situated between the Naddi hamlet as well as McLeodganj. Make certain not to return back without assessing the Triund summit when you have been in Dharamshala Mcleodganj.

Triund trek Situated only 9 kilometers from the popular hill station, the point of view gives you spectacular views of Indera Pass, commonly known as the Moon summit. Tsuglagkhang is towards the south of Mcleodganj, which is most famed for being the sacred home of Dalai Lama, the Tibetan leader. The Tibet Museum can also be part of the Tsuglagkhang, situated around 5 kilometers from Mcleodganj Dharamshala. This can be a must visit interest in Dharamshala Mcleodganj along with a medieval temple. This museum is a significant part of Mcleodganj journey, found only a kilometre from the town's heart. Town of mcleodganj can also be a bustling shopping heart for Buddhist and Tibetan goods.

Your mcleodganj journey could be incomplete without taking back home a few craft and artwork posts of touch that is Tibetan. Your Mcleodganj Travel Guide would surely tell you about the need for the Halda Festival. The Lohri in McLeodganj Dharamshala is tremendously popular, despite the fact that Maghi or Lohri is observed throughout north India. Come to mcleodganj in February its well-known Himachal Winter Carnival to attend. With a great number of natural attractions, places that are religious, historic attractions and adventure activities, tourism that is mcleodganj has virtually everything to provide to its visitors. Organize your visit throughout the most effective time of the entire year, and you may take unforgettable memories back from this wonderful hill station.

Mcleodganj to triund trek, A place best known for youngsters or for the one who wants to live there life to the fullest. located in the Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh, India. Majority of Tibetans staying here, Mcleodganj is also known as “DHASA”. Having pleasant weather entire year, it welcome peoples from not only India but all over the world to come and enjoy the sceneric beauty.


NAMGYAL MONASTERY -a very old and residence of Dalai Lama.

TIBETAN MUSEUM -if want you really want to know much more about the culture, then this museum is the right place for you as it has stored the art for people to come and feel what exactly the culture is all about.

BHAGSU WATERFALL -you just cannot miss an opportunity to be here after coming to Mcleodganj. People come here just to enjoy the beauty and relax themselves under the water. Perfect way to get into a fun zone.

DAL LAKE - just 3 km from Mcleodganj, this beautiful lake is a must visit place just to enjoy the calmness that nature has kept. It is the escape point which gives us break from our daily hectic routine life in city.

TRIUND TREK - View from the kangra valley is amazing and worth taking thousands of pictures. The place invite all the people young or old to come here and trek as it is not that difficult, so in a way even the beginners can trek start developing their love for trekking.

Journey can start walking directly from Mcleodganj, it is approx. 11 KM which would take around 7 to 7.5 hours depending upon the speed of walking. But till Gullu Devi Temple, you can take your car / bike and after that you can start your Triund Trek.

Initially it is not that difficult and people can easily trek and stop for to give our body some chai break and selfie lovers can click as many as pictures as they want as they will get an opportunity to walk through the forest. You will take about 22 turns before reaching the final destination. At a height of 9275 feet, everything would be seems to be worthy and the hardwark will be paid off. one should definitely see the sun set and the sun rise from triund hill to make it a lifetime experience.

After exploring triund trek, its Snow hill where people moves forward to. The trek area between triund and snow line is bit difficult and people are informed to follow the instructions very carefully. The path is beautiful but at the same time it requires an alert mind. It would take only 2 hours to complete the trek.

People usually go to the last food joint of that route which is snow line café, a small dhaba where they can have snacks along with chai. You can go up to the glaciers which is near by Lahesh cave. This will another 2 hour from snow line café but the view from the glaciers is an experience of its own.

Triund Trek

Triund Hill Trek Magic View

Triund Hill Trek Magic View

Wish to sleep under the stars ignoring the lofty Himalayan mountains? The tranquility of the mountain scenery can be felt whenever you experience it. Triund Hill is an example of this kind of place in Himachal Pradesh, that has to be visited by all hardcore traveler in Himachal Pradesh. An easy trek from McLeod Ganj or Dharamshala to Triund is one thrilling experience. Passing via a mixture of woods and hilly routes, the trail requires you through some marvelous sights of Dhauladhar Mountain Ranges. It's located on the foothills of the Dhauladhar mountain ranges. Enclosed by Kangra Valley and Dhauladhar Ranges, Triund Hill is a blessed beauty.

Triund trek difficulty level

Snowline Cafe Triund

Snowline Cafe Triund

Triund Trek difficulty level is an easy - reasonable degree that requires about 3 - 4 hours to achieve. The trek usually begins from McLeod Ganj and Bhagsu Waterfalls. Passing via a mixture of Deodar, Rhododendron and Oak woods Triund Trek requires you through some incredible views. After about 22 curves you'll finally reach the summit. Once you achieve the top, the view of imposing mountains is a mind blowing one! Looking for camping out, they've that option as well.

Tents and mountain lodge are the accessible stay choices at Triund Hill. Reservations before you achieve this place is never a bad idea.

A stay in one of these tents is exciting and intimate. Sleeping in a camping tent on top of the hill with a panoramic view of the Himalayas sounds very wonderful. World of fantasy, need to live it? now's your chance. Tents put on top of Triund Hill  Except for winter, Triund trek is performed in most seasons.

Triund best time to visit

Triund best time to visit,the season from March to May is the optimum time to visit Triund with perfect climate conditions. Monsoons might not be a perfect time to trek, but the landscapes covered in greenery is a must watch. Meadows and woods on the way. Trekking for some can be like meditation and for many, it's just fun. It's a trek where you may enjoy nature at its best and also take your loved ones along, even children can try if they're intrigued in trekking. The fear inspiring beauty of the mountains Triund may take the mind to a dreamland for certain!.

The best part is that if you are planning for TRIUND TREK, you can visit anytime of the year except JANUARY & FEBRUARY as they close the roads because of heavy snow fall.

But if you really want to enjoy your trek then it is advisable to visit between MARCH TILL MAY and SEPTEMBER TILL DECEMBER, the weather is compatible. But as it has been said anytime for TRIUND TREK is better except the two mention months.


Packages for campaigning in Triund Trek are categorized into Economical Package which can cost you 1800 INR for per person and Premium Package which can cost you 3000 INR per person ( but if you are good at bargaining, then there is a high scope of availing discounts )


Tents which can be shared by three person (economical package)/two person (premium package) which will have sleeping bags, mattress and kitchen facilities,

  • Cook who will make fresh food to eat,
  • For toilets dry pits tents have been created,
  • Mineral water bottle at arriving (premium package),
  • Trekking guide would also be available for two days (premium package).


Packing for Triund trek Only the necessities. Lighter the bag, easier it will be for you to trek.

1)Power bank - there is less electricity to charge your appliances, it would be a basic necessity to carry the power bank which is fully charged for you to use it up there. Although there is no network up there but for photography cell phones are quite handy.

2)Selfie stick - after long hours of trekking, nobody wants to miss a perfect scene for shoot. After all we all want some moments to capture and at that height it won’t be anything less than a perfect moment to restore with you forever. And for this Selfie stick has to be your best friend. Whether you using GoPro or any mobile it will help you to shoot anything anywhere. Most importantly it is HANDY and would occupy LESS SPACE.

3)FOOD - as it really a scare resource there and you will find hardly two or three small shops while trekking to triund trek, it would be advisable to carry some snack n water bottle from Mcleodganj with you. This will also save your money.

4)Sport Shoes - highly recommended for triund trek.

5)Warm Sets of Clothes - you won’t get to know it while trekking but once you reach and settled in Triund trek, the weather is really cold up there.

6)Sunglasses -for you to look good and to protect your eyes from sun glares

7)Cash - as there are less shops and facility of card machine, it is safe for you to carry some cash. As in Mcleodganj also people will not accept cards at many places but atm’s are their so you can prepare yourself well in advance.

8)First Aid Kit - it is very important to take care of yourself in any sought of emergency. Few Band-Aids, pills for head ache, vomiting and any other specific if anybody is suffering from must carry with themselves while trekking in triund hill.

9)Map - although there are sign boards available in triund trek after every some kilometers but if you don’t want to lost your way allow Google map to re find you with your destination.Take a screen shot before you start your trek and if possible take a print out of that but a picture in your gallery will also do.

10)Emergency Numbers - in case anyone lost their cell phone or it get switched off in Triund hill, it can be re charge only when they are back in city. In that case some contact numbers should there which they can use on emergency.

11)Tent - it is heavy and need care but will save a lot of money and time in bargaining with the vendors. Travellers can select their own preferred location in triund trek.

It is not about how you do it, but what you take out of it. At the end it is only the experience which makes any trip- WORTH!!

These lines are often heard but now it is time to create some moments for life that can be cherished.



Triund Hill Trek from Dharamshala and Mcleodganj  Amazing Weather Dharamshala to Triund Trek  Selfie compilation documented like never before in a 360° Degree rotation Dharamshala to Mcleodganj to triund!!

By Car - it is highly recommended that if you can take your own vehicle in this trip, it would solve your n numbers of problems. Like it would give you comfort, you can manage your stop and start point, and you end up spending less as compared to any other form.

The only issue that anyone can find is of petrol or diesel because after a point in hills station finding a pump is a task. In order to avoid any such problem, one should be well prepared. But in Mcleodganj there are various petrol junctions so no worries.

By Bike -my personal preference for any trip especially to hill station is to take out a bike, because it is the only way of travelling that give us a feeling of being ALIVE throughout the journey.

It is hectic as you don’t get to sleep but if you really want to explore not only the destination but the entire trip, bike is the option. It really gives good amount of average in highways and hill station so you would end up saving a lot at the end.

By car and bike you can reach upto GULLU DEVI TEMPLE which is 3 KM from Mcleodganj and after that you can start your trekking.

If by Bus - planning to reach triund hill by bus then it is advisable to go Himachal Bhawan which is in Mandi house, to get the fair price and right information. For comfortable journey also you should trust it once as the bus drivers are really good and you won’t feel miserable in your journey.

Price for this would be 800 INR per person.

If by AIR - nearest airport is GAGGAL AIRPORT which is 15 KM from Dharamshala and 83 KM away from Mcleodganj. If you are well planned then air fare may vary between 3k to 3.5k one side and if you are someone who make sudden plans in life then it would cost you somewhere between 5.5k to 6.5k one side. Prices are subjective to season and different companies. Some can charge you less while others can hike there price on the basis of availability

From airport either you can take direct taxi to Mcleodganj, which would take maximum 1 hour.

By Train - there are trains which daily runs from New Delhi to Pathankot which is near to Mcleodganj. Prices are different for different train and class. After reaching the Pathankot station there are various way to come Mcleodganj. You can choose from buses to taxi and even toy trains run from the station itself. Tickets and information are available in the Pathankot Station.