Mantalai Lake Trek Kheerganga Parvati Valley Best Time To Visit

Mantalai Lake Trek and Kheerganga Heaven on Earth

The source and origin of the "The Mighty and Powerful Parvati River" Mantalai Lake Trek

Himachal Pradesh is home to many beautiful and pristine valleys and rivers and lakes, one of them is the Parvati valley. The Parvati valley, just like the Kullu valley, is one of the most exquisite valleys that you will ever come across. It lives up to its name, representing the legendary grace of Goddess Parvati, the divine consort of Lord Shiva. With thriving flora and fauna with green hills covered with Pine and Deodar on either side of the surging Parvati river, every nook and corner in your way offers yet another picture perfect view of the distant snow capped peaks.

Mantalai Lake Trek Location:

An introduction to the journey to the source of River Parvati in Himachal Pradesh. This video gives an idea of the path leading to the Mantalai Lake, its location and prominent points on the trail. It is a 6 day trek that starts from Barsheni and leads on to Kheer Ganga, Tunda Bhuj, Thakur Kuan, Udi Thatch Mantalai and back.

Situated at 13,500 ft above mean sea level, is Mantalai Lake, which is the source of the cascading Parvati river. Mantalai lake trek fall on the way to Pin Parvati Pass, The pass connects the luxuriant and lush Parvati valley on the Kullu side with the Pin valley on the Spiti side.

The Pin Parvati valley trek is one of the most captivating and challenging trekking trails in India. Pin Parvati trek is usually manageable during the months of July to September and a  prerequisite is excellent trekking skills and techniques. It was first transverse in 1884 by Sir Louis who was looking for an alternate route to Spiti. The imposing view of the Pin Parvati Pass is full of adventure and thrills. It is parlous pass because of the high altitude.

Mantalai Lake Trek Weather:

The weather there is unpredictable, rain and snow might fall  any time due to the dense forest area. If you are planning to go to Mantalai Lake, search for the forecasted temperature that will be there till the time you reach there and till the time you leave Mantalai Lake. Expect snowfall if you are going there in the winter months.

How to Access and Reach Mantalai Lake Trek :

As Mantalai Lake is situated at an altitude of 13,500 ft, automobiles cannot go there, the best option is to trek to the location from the    nearest place till which automobiles can traverse. The nearest place with motor able road is Barsheni, which is around 17 kms from Kasol. Kasol is around 32 kms from Bhuntar. You can reach Bhuntar from anywhere in India by any transportation.   

  1. You start your trek from the village of Barsheni towards Pulga which is 5kms trek.
  2. Then from Pulga make way towards Kheerganga which is around 10 kms trek.
  3. From Kheerganga make your way towards Tunda Bhuj, which is 18 kms trek.
  4. From Tunda Bhuj go towards Thakur Kuan, which is another 16 kms worth of trekking.
  5. Leave for the high altitude meadows of Odi Thach from Thakur Kuan. On the way, you will need to cross Pandu Bridge, which is made of a single rock on the river Parvati. It is said to be  made by the Pandavas during their exile in the Himalayas. It is another 9 hours trekking.
  6. Finally when you reach Odi Thach, make your up gradual steep climbs towards Mantalai Lake after a 5 hour trek. Once you the lake, you can see the Mantalai Glacier, which is the source of the river Parvati.

Who can do the Mantalai Lake Trek Difficulty Level:

The Mantalai lake trek is a strenuous trek and should not be undertaken by people(s) or person(s) who are new to trekking. It's for seasoned trekkers as there is lot of physical activity that is required for the trek. It is advisable that people who trek a lot should halt at say Pulga to get acclimatized before venturing towards Mantalai Lake.

Mantalai Lake Trek Accommodation:   

As Mantalai lake trek is in a remote area there is no option of lodges or anything, it is best to take your accommodation with yourself in the trek. Also if you are going in solo or with a group of 2-3 persons , you have all the necessary supplies to do a trek of this magnitude. It is advisable that you stay there for a couple of days – to explore the serenity around and take in the awesomeness of the place.

Mantalai Lake Trek Distance from major places:

Delhi to Chandigarh - 245Km approx. Which would take you 5 hours via Car or 6.5 hours via Bus or 5.5 hours via Train, depending upon the time and traffic situation , which changes very rapidly.

Chandigarh to Bhuntar via NH 205 and NH 154 - 261 km approx. Which would take you 6.5 hours via car or at least  7.5 hours via bus.

Best time to visit Mantalai Lake Trek:

It is advisable not to visit Mantalai lake trek in the winter season as it snows heavily there and the trekking route could be blocked with snow, plus the area is also cut off from fresh supply of essential commodities, so if by any chance any natural calamities occur, it could turn for the worse if you are not fully prepared especially in the winter season. It is best to visit the area from June to October-end instead of the rainy and winter season.

Places near Mantalai Lake Trek:

If you continue east from Mantalai lake, you can cross to the great trekking routes that is Pin-Parvati Pass (5320m) and reach Spiti.  You reach into the Pin Valley National Park and then to the village of Mudh in the Lahul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh.

Mantalai Lake Trek Tips:

It would ideal that you take your accommodation and food supplies with.

Keep a set of warm clothes handy as the temperature fluctuates rapidly. Also keep an extra set of clothes of both summer and winter clothing. And carry common medical supplies, which is a must and is life saving if you are trekking to Prashar lake.

If your are travelling by your own personal vehicle it's advisable to fill your fuel tanks with enough petrol, after that you have to trek till Mantalai lake as there is no motor able road ahead, there is scarcity of petrol pump in the hilly areas.