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So, Have you been planning to go to Manikaran?Or maybe some of you, especially our young "travel dramebazez" might be thinking just of Kasol or Malana or every other place in Himachal but not Manikaran because it is sort of a religious place. Well, may be Manikaran might not appeal to atheists like me but the natural hot water springs does along with some chance to explore about the art and architecture of Himachal.Himachal Pradesh has witnessed quite a few conflicts on it's soil, which in return came with some multicultural boon.Thus, as a result you get to hear, know and see the beauty of wooden architecture . Why not make a road trip plan to visit Manikaran? Because on the way from Manali to Manikaran you will be introduced to the ethnicity of Himachal Pradesh.The region has Nepalese ,Tibetan, Rajput,Sikh and British architectural influences.Just close your eyes and imagine all of these pieces of architectural man-made beauties in the lap of nature!

That's all you have to imagine and that too a clean one and start packing up for an exciting road trip. So, I mentioned the word CLEAN which reminds me to remind you all travel dramebazez to keep the environment clean.We have already exploited our nature but that is not an excuse to litter around for fun or you were drugged.So, if you are taking a road trip please act safe and sensible.

En Route Manikaran

Starting from Manali -to Jagatsukh- to- Katrain- to- Naggar- to- Kullu -to- Mohal- to Bhuntar- to -kasol and then finally Manikaran.The journey and visiting a few places named above could be the most or one of the most memorable road trips of your lifetime.On the way you can take a halt at Jagatsukh where you can grace your eyes and knowledge by an ancient Shiva Temple built in the 8th century, better known in the village by Jagatsukh Shiva Mandir (temple). 

Naggar Castle Jab We Met Sightseeing in Manikaran

Naggar Castle - Next stoppage could be at this beauty which should not be missed by an traveller , the Naggar castle.This beautiful historical edifice is made out of stone and wood in AD 1460 and it served as the residence of Raja Sidh Singh of Kullu.The castle is built in  European and Himalayan style of architecture.The amazement about this magnificent edifice does not stop here, there is an incredible art gallery with authentic and rare pieces of art by Russian painter Nicholas Roerich. Another exciting part ,Devika Rani ,the first lady of indian Cinema was Nicholas Roerich's daughter in law .It's a must visit place .You can also hunt around for local trekking areas or you can also stay for a day at Naggar. 

Source:- Naggar Castle

Source:- Naggar Castle

You have been enjoying the car drive but you can try some high rise and falls of Beas river in Kullu.River rafting while on a road trip does sound crazy enough so may be you can do it!

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( ONE OF THE BEST TOURISTS DESTINATIONS IN THE WORLD, NAGGAR CASTLE IN KULLU MANALI OF HIMACHAL PRADESH INDIA.Naggar castle was built by the Raja Sidh Singh in the 16th century and was used as the Royal residence and latter as the state head quarters of the kingdom till the middle of the 17th century.

Then drive to Kasol.Manikaran is just 6 km away.You can trek wherever you want to which altogether would include a different chapter to your "travel drama dairies" .You can trek to Kheerganga, take walk by the parvati river,relax ,take the fresh air, just observe yourself and the surroundings and if possible just get away with your gadgets for sometime.We all, especially the ones living in crowded cities and towns where picnics have turned into saturday night parties and other wild parties, we need to breathe in some fresh air.River side picnics.The ones described by Ruskin Bond in his short stories.But, there has to be a separate special devoted time for go-pro and and other types of still photography.The beauty is worth the capture through the man-made lens too.

Then you can head towards manikaran. Manikaran has been a pilgrimage centre for Hindus and Sikhs.There many legends and myths about manikaran but this one is my favourite which I would like to share and pen my day down with this story of Shiva and Parvati.So once upon a time Shiva and parvati were strolling around and they reached to this beautiful unknown place to them but they were mesmerised by the mountains and flora and fauna so much that they stayed for 1100 years.During their stay Parvati lost her mani in a stream nearby and thus asked Shiva to get her mani back and so lord shiva ordered his attendant to find the mani which the attendant failed to retrieve.Shiva , the generous yet the God of extreme nature ,in anger.Jut because his attendant couldn't get that mani and may be Shiva, our beloved babaji opened his third eye in ultimate anger.This resulted in the unity of other Gods and Goddesses and taking an immediate action to pacify Shiva.Who could pacify Shiva?There comes Shesh-nag.

Thus, Shesh-nag rather did a much more generous job than he was requested to do in order to pacify Shiva more importantly than finding Parvati's mani. Shesh-Nag hissed giving rise to a flow of boiling water which was sprinkled all over the area with lots of manis' around, just the same ones that Parvati lost.And since then 'Manikaran' came into being.The water is considered auspicious and is also supposed to have curative powers.The water is so hot that the rice for 'langar' (community kitchen) is cooked in this boiling water .Manikaran has to be visited for once.The hot water springs must be worth the dip.

So,have a happy trip and a safe one too.Be mindful of the cleanliness around.