KHIRGANGA Trek CAMPING From Kasol - Parvati Valley trek

Khirganga Trek Camping is a "fitness picnic"

Khirganga trek in Parvati Valley is also known as 'bagpackers silk route'.Nothing could have described it's relevance and beauty more than this.Through the trails of this "silk route" lies the khirganga trek. A place full of myths and legends in Himachal. It's a dream like place with hot water springs surrounded by the snow capped mountains around.As you can see how cold it is ,but can't feel it! That's a nature's luxury.

If you want a memorable trip ,don't over plan it.So, firstly make sure you have enough warm clothes and comfortable pair of shoes for a long way to trek.One thing is for sure,no matter how long the trek will be ,it won't exhaust you or be a hindrance to your fun. khirganga trek is a "fitness picnic" overall.The scenic beauty would only energies get your bus tickets ready from Delhi to Manali or to Kasol and within 12 hours you will reach your tempted destination. If you are taking the bus till Manali then make sure you get down at Bhuntar.

Khirganga Trek Travel Drama - The Bite of Isreali Cuisine

Then head on to start your share of "Travel drama" after having a big bite of Isreali cuisine .Then take a halt for the night at Tosh,a nearby village with no roads ,full of unworldly charm.Pitch your tent under the gaze of stars and have a peaceful sleep.Start the trek early morning , and make sure your bag pack is as light a possible.

From Tosh head on to Barshaini which is 3 km away and from where the main trek to khirganga starts which is of 11 km.As your trek to khirganga begins you might not see any locals for a long distance till you get to the first village, Rudra-nag near a waterfall.The nature will keep you hypnotized for sure.It's breathtaking !So sink in to it as much as you can for your nostalgic trip.You can stop by Rudra nag for a small break .

Khirganga Trek hot springs - Milky Water of Holy Nature,the Place where Lord Shiva meditated for 3000 years

Enjoy the waterfall while having a bite.Beyond rudra nag the paths will become more steeper and the forest more dense.The last part of the trek to khirganga trek is a strenuous climb but the hard work earns you the "milky water of holy nature"- khirganga trek a place where it is believed that Shiva meditated for 3000 years .The little pool with warm spring water at the highest point is believed to have healing properties.This "holy healing" pool is divided into two sections respectively for men and women.So, go ahead and jump into the holy water to heal yourself to get rid of unnecessary egos ,to take your life much easy .

Khirganga Trek Shelter

You can take shelter in any of the inns available nearby at cheap rates.Nothing is better than a safe shelter at cheap rates and good food at the same cost.Best thing for any vagabond bag packers.The whole trek up to khirganga  might take 4-5 hours but going back to will take around 3 hours.Don't be in a hurry to complete the whole khirganga trek in one day.Take it easy ,sit back and relax in the nature's lap for sometime and then go back the next day.I'm sure you don't want the Himalayan bears to feast on you and your friends.
Khirganga Trek - the place to pitch your tent next! Kheerganga camping

Attention :- Have fun,please don't be a noisy tourist,don't forget to collect your trash before you leave!keep it clean,respect nature.