Kasol Rave Party in 3 Nights WTF Happened Tips

Rave Parties in Kasol

Rave Parties in kasol

Kick start an overnight journey to Bhuntar from Delhi to get the glimpse of Kasol Rave Party with a 3 Night budget trip in the Parvati Valley.If you take a bus from Delhi in the evening around 4 pm to 7 pm it will reach this place in the morning next day. Don't forget to take the local bus to Kasol from Bhuntar because of two main reasons.

  1. Taxi is expensive if you're travelling on a budget trip or if you're a student who just wants to explore the heaven.
  2.  You will miss out the local touch of the place and the conversation with local people travelling in the bus and their culture. Taking a bus from Bhuntar to Kasol is a good 2 hours of journey.

NOTE: - if you sleep in those 2 hours of journey by mistake you will miss out the mesmerising amazing beauty of nature drive from Bhuntar to Kasol.

  • Day One: How to Score Malana cream?

After getting your foot on the ground of Kasol bus stand that is where everything starts. Have a cup of tea and get acclimatise to the weather.Booking a hotel in Kasol beforehand is not necessary because you will be able to locate a lot of hotels, inns, cafes and homestays. You can ask the locals for the cheapest hotels, paying guest or homestays nearby.Generally, rooms start from 400 INR to 1500 INR per night and it depends on the kind and type of stay you choose. In a budget of 500 INR to 1000 INR, you can find a good tidy and basic amenities in the room most probably with a good view from the window which will naturally make you high on life.

As the journey is tiring so take some rest for the day and relax your body. Now scoring or searching for Mall, Marijuana or Hash is so simple just ask anyone around or the person standing next to you. In the evening you can have dinner in these restaurants in Kasol(telling you the ones I like with few dishes names).


Top Six Cafe in Kasol Parvati Valley You Must Try.

  1. The Evergreen Cafe: -Evergreen Cafe has a great deal to offer to your sense of taste and that too sensible and affordable rates. Best of all, in spite of its area in a hippie zone, it offers a major lounge dining room area, which is a non-smoking zone, and subsequently, families can likewise appreciate the nourishment. There is a different separate smoking room. ponytailed waiters carrying five full plates loaded on there stretched arm.
  2. Little Italy Restaurant: - things to try in this restaurant pizza, pasta, Israeli platter, shakes, coffee, Nutella milk and so on and all items are good in taste and don't forget the Punjabi cuisine It tastes heaven. Very famous for foreign backpackers.
  3. Jim Morrison Cafe - Trek for 10-15min to find the hidden cafe is worth it.Good ambience and reasonably priced, a perfect place for first timers in Kasol if time is not an issue because the food is served really slow but you can enjoy the view. Many varieties of options but don't forget to try the Pizza, peanut butter and honey shake.
  4. Moon Dance Cafe - Don't miss this small Bakery at the entrance Located right outside the moon dance cafe, serves absolutely delicious and fresh sandwiches with reasonable prices. Cold coffee and tuna in red chilli sandwich is another great option. indoor and outdoor sitting options with both vegetarians and non-vegetarians menu.
  5. Mama Cafe - One of the most famous cafes in Kasol with a projector available for cricket or FIFA matches. A great place to relax and sip a nice drink. And yeah it's full by late evenings, Israeli, American, English cuisines available.
  6. Free Kasol Cafe - Israel Cafe in Kasol is popularly known as ‘FREE KASOL’. Famous for Israelite cuisine, has much more to offer. Major news is that in Free Kasol Cafe Indian is not allowed entering in this cafe.According to many, the owner of this cafe refuses to serve Indians. If someone goes there they would not give them the menu claiming it to be a member’s cafe. No, you don’t have to carry any membership card but it’s the nationality which plays a critical role here.
  • Day Two : - You're Untouchable The Village Of Taboos Malana village trek?

Next day grab your breakfast and head to the Heart of Drug Malana village.Taking a taxi is a better idea because you have to hike to reach the village of the taboo. Read Malana Village Rules Tips Before going to Malana Village for your own safety. Remember one simple thing DO NOT TOUCH any of the locals, temples or the places of worship. We are Untouchable for every villager living in Malana village. This place whips out all the rules and regulations and fills your heart with silence beauty.

Call it Malana or a village 9500 ft above the sea level snow capped mountains in Parvati valley surrounded by people and silence together with the Malana village. Sitting in the Silence of heart Malana village, all you can do is make a joint and listen to the Flowing NALA sound. Don't forget to take the permission before clicking photographs. Take the bus or taxi back to Kasol.

  • Day Three: - Rave Parties in Kasol Tips for Girls @ 180 BPM

The Third day in Kasol can be really exciting if any rave party in Kasol happens. Generally, Rave Parties in Kasol happens from the month of June to July, but the good news is some or the other parties keep happening. June and July are the main time for Psy Trance Festivals organised in Kasol. Passes can be expensive for falling in love with BOB MARLEY theme based venue. EDM Music, Smoke of Hash and Marijuana in the air is something like a trademark of Kasol. Losing your senses are very much possible in this kind of atmosphere keep it in mind. If your smoking up try to keep in your senses as much as possible if your a First Timer to enjoy more.


Kasol Rave Party

Kasol Rave Party

Kasol Rave Party is a party where the Clock and the time of DJ, Charas, Alcohol and dance with fire skipping ropes wait for the FULL MOON NIGHTS of MAY, JUNE and JULY. This is the night all Backpackers around the world mainly from Israel, in another word Kasol is a Mini Israel wait for the FULL MOON NIGHT PARTY.The frequencies of rave parties in these remote areas of Parvati valley like Kasol, Tosh,Kalga,Chalal and Pulga has increased from the last year 2016 to 2017. Kasol Rave Parties gets wilder and wilder day by day with high-frequency techno trance music it's possible that you may experience the being in you a trance-like state.Kasol Rave Party Last Year in 2016 I had a word with few Beautiful Ladies in kasol. They shared their Tips for Kasol Rave Party for Girls

How to Dress up for a Kasol Rave Party for Girls Tips?

1)Rave Party in Kasol Apart from the high-frequency techno trance music, you'll find individuals dressed. Even though there are many different designs and styles of garments that may be worn at a rave, the many crucial things are to ensure the garments worn are comfortable.

2)If you are a person who sweats it is advisable you cling to your system or wear clothes that are loose as possible. The way to wear for a Kasol Rave Party depends on an Individual's taste of fashion.Kasol Rave Party an open air rave, people can experiment with various Sorts of figure hugging dresses according to the weather and humidity levels if it tends to be lower than 26.

3)Costumes and dresses that glow under lights are popular in Kasol Rave Party. Youngsters prefer to wear dresses as when one decides to dance, they're comfortable and do not cause a deterrent in Kasol Rave Party.

Quick Tips Adjusting Shoulder Strap

4)Sometimes It gets annoying adjusting shoulder strap each time they fall off the shoulder in Kasol Rave Party. You move, sway, or dance to the tune of music times, shoulder strap slip off the shoulder. If you wish to be noticed ensure you wear flashy coloured clothing. Dresses which have dual aesthetics are incredibly popular at Kasol Rave Party. If you wear and if you make them snap trying a Brand-new dance move do not be surprised. If you have got broad hips and an overly large posterior avoid gowns which are skin tight and cast reflectors on those areas.

5)Kasol Rave Party @ 180 BPM It may be an annoyingly horrific sight whenever you move your body at tempos over 180 BPM in such dresses. Go for flowing dresses which hide problem areas, they're comfy and look aesthetically beautiful at raves.

6)Long hippy skirts are a fantastic choice for a rave. Several Youngsters and older women love to utilize rave garments like long frilly skirts due to their comfort and stylish drape. Women can refer to fashion magazines, books or the internet to get an idea on what to utilise for a rave party.

8)The shoes you wear should, of course, be comfy. Avoid stilettos, high heel boots along with other shoes that have long heels. Women can twist or hurt their legs when they dancing in high-heeled footwear especially after getting high. Flip flops or stylish colourful sneakers are comfy for dancing and a fantastic choice for raves. Accessories that shine and shine are also popular at Kasol Rave Party.

Day Four: - Say BYE BYE to Parvati Valley by Shopping in the flea market of Mini israel.

The fourth-day kick back to the reality of life and say bye bye to the birthplace of Hash Kasol. Grab the breakfast, buy something from the flea market of Kasol they make beautiful handicrafts jewellery, bands, carry bags and scarfs. If you negotiate with the shopkeeper you will get the best price. For me Buying from locals is important because it somewhat helps in promoting tourism and supports local people. Or buy something to keep it as a memory of the place or for gifting someone. Now Board back on the bus from Kasol to Bhuntar and Bhuntar to Delhi.

Quick 3 Night in Mini Israel Budget to get away from all the hustle around you and to destress and calm your mind and body. Total Cost for Kasol trip budget is around 5000 INR which depends on type and kind of cafes and accommodation you stay. But Keep it in mind Kasol to Malana Village Round trip for a taxi is around 1200 INR.

How to Reach Kasol from Delhi