Kasol Israel cafe or Free kasol No Indians Allowed is it true?

Shhhh... Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of Kasol Israel Cafe?

Kasol Israel Cafe

Kasol Israel Cafe

One of the village in himachal Pradesh, it is situated in parvati valley. It is between Bhuntar and Manikaran. 42 km from Kullu; it is situated at a height of 1640 meters.

A destination which carries nature’s blessing, it has also been named as Israeli inhabitants. It is a hub of Israeli’s tourist, as it has various cafe and food joint serving amazing food, of cuisine from all over the world.

The snow covered Himalayas to clear magnificent blue sky adds to the beauty of the place. This remote village is a blessing for all travelers who look out for adventures everywhere they go. They can indulge themselves in trekking, climbing and much more. Weather is always pleasant and population density is very low here. This place is always set to give anyone and everyone a memorable understanding with hills.


However being a hub of Israelis it has lot of cafe offering Israeli food but they also offered North Indian cuisine in many other food joints and restaurants. It’s a perfect blend of Indian and Non-Indian culture which we can see through food. It is great fusion and people can have the best of both worlds.

Shakshouka is a very famous food which is available here, so if you are here it is a must try. It is poached eggs dunked in spicy and flavorful tomato curry severed hot with hummus and bread.

Lies And Damn Lies About Kasol Israel Cafe or Free Kasol

The internet went abuzz when an Indian girl was not allowed to enter a Café in Kasol. We decided to go to the place and check why Indians are not allowed inside. Watch what happens next. Do we Indians have a right to go in there? And what is the whole fiasco about?

Israel Cafe in Kasol is popularly known as ‘FREE KASOL’. Famous for Israelite cuisine, has much more to offer. Major news that Indian is not allowed entering in this cafe.  

According to many, the owner of this cafe refuses to serve Indians. If someone goes there they would not give them the menu claiming it to be a member’s cafe. No you don’t have to carry any membership card but it’s the nationality which plays a critical role here.  

As for them it’s their cafe and they can do whatever they want to so accusation like discrimination won’t affect them.

How true is this No Indians are allowed

Free kasol cafe

Free kasol cafe

In 1 Minutes, I'll Give You The Truth about free Kasol

free kasol cafe image source

free kasol cafe image source

Yes it is true that Indian are not allowed but only those who cannot handle themselves after a certain point. Lot of people especially Non-Indians come here and relax. So in keeping security and decorum of the place in mind, the owner who herself is an Indian refuse to entertain anyone who seems to be out of control and can act out of line with any guest sitting there.

More than profit she is more concerned with the reputation and safety of her guests. So the criteria are to behave and concerned with your own business if you are planning to be at Israel cafe.


By bus- you can easily take bus from ISBT, Kashmiri Gate. You can choose the quality of bus and pay accordingly. It will nearly take 14 hours to reach.

The bus will drop you at Bhuntar as there is no direct bus or volvo from Delhi to Kasol. From there you can take a local bus which will charge you 35 INR or taxi which will charge 500 INR to reach kasol.

By car- It is nearly 520 km from Delhi to Kasol. It will take almost 11 hours you to reach kasol.

By air- Bhuntar airport is nearest to kasol. Flights reaching to this destination are rare and can be costly. It is approx. 31 km and would take 1 hour to reach Kasol from Bhuntar.


As kasol is a very small town, so the way to travelling within kasol is by walking. Walking also helps you to explore better and see the deepest corner and most importantly it is hassle free.

But if you wish to go to Manikaran or to Malana from kasol then you can take taxi or bus which is locally available there.

Kasol - just be you and relax

As the town is really small and doesn’t have much to offer like sightseeing points and monuments, so one can come and can totally relax here. Nature and beauty should be your companions in Kasol trip.  

You should explore cafe and local market here to get the feeling of kasol.

Visiting manikaran gurudwara in an early morning would be a great idea.


Anytime is the best time to be in Kasol. But if anyone wants to explore the wilderness of the place then one must go between March to May. At this time temperature varies from 15 to 22 degree Celsius. However if you are fond of extreme chilly evening and nights then October to February is the right time for you as the temperature falls to 3 degree Celsius.