GoPro Hero4 Black vs Silver Comparison Review 4K

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Gopro Hero4 Black vs Silver Comparison

GoPro Hero4 Black vs Silver Comparison image source

GoPro Hero4 Black vs Silver Comparison image source

Gopro Hero4 comes in three versions: Black, the new Session, and Silver, which is 40 percent lighter and 50 percent smaller than Black and the Silver.

However the Black and the Silver are nearly identical in design and function, whilst the Session has another purpose.the Black fires 4K at 30 fps, has more rapid frame rates through video resolutions lacks a back LCD support for external mic with analog to digital conversion, and contains a higher bitrate. Otherwise, it uses the same mounts, battery, and underwater casing, has Wifi/Bluetooth; ProTune for fine tuning GoPro's Studio background editing applications, Nighttime Picture and Nighttime Lapse ways, and the settings.

GoPro most users are quite content getting pictures they are able to instantly upload to social network as an alternative to colour grade, as well as shooting footage in 1080 p. The Session and Silver cams, and also entry level models heroes, should satisfy most users needs. But for shooters who desire to create a 4K content, you need to go to the Black.

There are edges: it's 2x the functionality of the Hero3+, including 120 frame per second rate in 1080 and 4K capture, but moreover, the Hero4 Black provides outstanding picture control. Note: 4K can be technically shot by the Silver, but at 15 fps, but GoPro does not market this and, from a functionality point of view, the Black is more strong.

Gopro hero 4 Plus point

Another huge plus: Shooting at an increased resolution enables you to downscale. Its still photography power has also substantially raised with the Gopro hero4 Black, and the most notable new feature is the burst mode. It's possible for you to record up to 30 stills per second at 12 megapixels per frame. This sums to 4, 000 x 3, 000 in a 4: 3 aspect ratio, which is professional quality with regards to size.

As a hybrid stills/video camera and the Hero4 Black can really be put in this class, although as a more low end variant cRIMSON, the cinematography camera manufacturer, has consistently marketed its Epic Dragon.

What is also new with the Black is you can use Protune in stills way, giving you colour info and better control, and new nighttime ways have been added by GoPro as well. The only question you need to ask yourself is if you need to get 4K.

Before contemplating the Hero4 Black As we have said before, 2.7K or 1080 may suit the most of users wants But if you are a working professional, or if you are looking to future evidence all your content, the Black is a no brainer. It is only a subject of time when all content may be going to 4K, particularly online. But if you are a casual shot, a vital thing to recall is that the 4K files are going to be considerably bigger since you are coping with 4 times the resolution of 1080. Due to this you are going to want more computer storage, as well as more MicroSD cards.

GoPro Hero4 Black vs Silver Comparison

GoPro Hero4 Black vs Silver Comparison