Bharmour Chamba Valley Himachal Pradesh

Bharmour The Capital of the Chamba Valley Himachal Pradesh

Bharmour is just 65 km's away from Chamba along an attractive hill road that follows the river for much of its route, Bharmour is the base for the famed Manimahesh Yatra and for various marvellous treks in the region. 

The capital of the Chamba Valley for over 400 years, Bharmour (2195 Mts.) dates back to the rule of King Meru Varman (680 AD- 700AD). A fascinating little town surrounded by high ranges, it's ancient temples endow it with the aura of a hallowed place. The region is also home to the semi-nomadic Gaddis-the shepherds of this area. Life in Bharmour centres around the temple square, the Chaurasia, which owes its name to the 84 shrines built within its periphery. The beautiful Shikara, of Manimahesh Temple, dominates the square. A life-size image of Nandi in polished brass stands before it. 

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Bharmour Places to visit

Manimahesh: Manimahesh altitude which is located at (4170 Mts) Above sea level ,this is an important place of pilgrimage where lot of devotees visit to fulfill there desire, 34km away and is awe inspiring in its stark grandeur, with the towering, solitary peak of the Mani Mahesh Kailash (5656 Mts.) mirrored in the still waters of a little lake.The huge greenish lake in a sorrow in the midst of snow topped mountains, encouraged by an ice sheet that starts just beneath the Kailash peak, this place can give a quick calming impact on exhausted muscles and nerves; one feels quiet with nature.

At the point when Shiva progressed toward becoming tired of the contaminated condition of Amarnath, he came to cover up in the flawless Manimahesh. A Gaddi (Shepherd), on course of tending his sheep, meandered into Manimahesh and found it.He was requested by Shiva himself not to uncover this place to anybody and to keep his piece of the arrangement he was compensated with one thousand sheep (in my youth, I was told Gods don't pay off. It is us the insignificant mortals who are to offer a reward to satisfy the Gods). In any case, the shepherd revealed his mystery to a monk and consented to lead him to that place. On achieving Manimahesh he heard a voice blaming him for the broken promise and he alongside his sheep and the monk were transformed into stone for their discourteousness. One crow that was going with them additionally transformed into stone. However, the mystery of Manimahesh was revealed. Also, the yearly journey to the hallowed sacred lake started.

Bands of pilgrims singing devotional songs wend their way up the arduous track to bathe in the icy lake and to worship at the little Temple there. Thousands of people come for the main pilgrimage, the Manimahesh Yatra in May till September is the best time to visit.

Chhatrari: The Shakti Devi temple here is of great archaeological importance (40 Kms.) The centre of all movement in Chamba town is the Chaugan, a fine lush sward, about a large portion of a mile long and eighty yards wide, and here is held the Minjar reasonable, consistently, in the time of August.

Kugti: The last inhabited village of Bharmour is not too far from the Kugti Pass (5040 Mts.) and is on the challenging trail from Bharmour to Keylong. Kugti Pass in Chamba locale of Himachal falls under the Pir Panjal run situated at a height of 5,050 m. It is an ideal goal for trekkers to encounter the charming excellence of Himachal. By climbing tough in this locale, trekkers can reach up till Duggi plain which is a perfect place for outdoors, exhibiting the awe-inspiring display of the mountains. Towards the summit, the trekkers will be welcomed with an unexpected perspective of great Mani Mahesh Kailash Peak, awe-inspiring Dhauladhar ranges and far off perspective of snow-topped mountains past the Lahaul Valley.

The trek course for Kugti Pass begins from Bharmour which additionally prompts Hadsar, after which the rising and diving trail takes the trekkers to Kugti town. The trekkers can likewise drop by Keylong and Goddess Murkula Devi sanctuaries on their approach to Kugti Pass. From the sanctuary, move through the snow-capped knolls and achieve Duggi outdoors ground. This huge rough meadow is situated at the conjunction of Budhil River and Duggi stream.Overlooking splendid forests of conifer, Kugti has a little forest rest house. The famous temple of Keylong Wazir is 2 Kms away.