Delhi to Manali Distance by road From Delhi Airport

Delhi to Manali Distance by road From Delhi Airport

Delhi to Manali Distance : Manali Owes the origin of its name to Sanatan Hindu lawgiver Manu. The name Manali is considered to be another name of 'Manu-Alaya' which when translated literally means 'the abode of Manu'. According to a legend it is said that Rishi Manu after the end of a great flood which destroyed all life on Earth got off his ark in Manali to recreate human life and all other life too also. Manali is situated in the north of Kullu Valley and is also known as the 'Valley of the Gods'. Rishi Manu has a temple made in his honor in Old Manali.

Manali is a Valley settled in the mountains near the northern end of the Kullu Valley, in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, at an altitude of 6,726 ft in the Beas River Valley. It is situated in the Kullu district, and is about 168 miles north of Shimla (The summer capital during the British Raj) the state capital of Himachal Pradesh. It is the starting of an ancient trade route to Ladakh and from there it stretches out over the Karakoram Pass onto Yarkand and Khotan in the Tarim Basin. It is also the gateway point towards the districts of Lahaul and Spiti.

During the British Raj, the British started the cultivation and growing of apples in Manali, prior to that no apples grew in Manali, naturally, prior to this no Apple trees grew in the area. Near Patlikuhl the first apple orchard was set up by the British. Till this date plum, apples and pear is the major source of income for the local populace. Both the Rainbow and Brown Trout were also cultivated by the British by introducing them into the rivers and streams of the area.

Manali Climate

The climate in Manali in the winter is cold and during the summer it is moderately cool. The average temperatures fluctuates between 39 °F to 79 °F over the year. The average temperature during summer is between 50 °F and 79 °F during the summer months, and between 5 °F to 54 °F during the winter months.

Monthly rainfall differ between 1.2 inches during the month of November to 8.5 inches during  the month of July. In average, 1.8 inches of rainfall is received during winter and spring months, surging to some 4.5 inches in summer as soon as the monsoon approaches. The average total annual rainfall  is 53.7 inches. Manali encounter snowfall predominantly between December and beginning of March. The snowfall is highest during the month of January.

Delhi to Manali Distance by Road and PLACES TO VISIT

Hadimba Temple

The Temple was constructed in the year 1553, made out of wood and stone, it stands in a clearing in the cedar forest about 1.2 miles west of central Manali. Devotees flock to the temple from all across India to honor "Hadimba", the demon wife of the Bhima one of the five Pandava from the epic tale of Mahabharata. The temple has a three-tier pagoda-style roof, and a big wooden door, the roof is intricately carved with figures of gods, animals and dancers; while the images of animals like antlers and ibex horns adorn the outside walls. Inside the temple is a large sacrificial stone which shows us where grisly animal slaughtering used to take place.


This is woodland park composed of magnificent towering deodars (cedars) is one of the serene route between the centre and Old Manali, though given the statistics we would advise woman not to travel alone through the park. Though there is admission fees you have to pay to enter the park, there is often no one at the gates to collect the fee.


Nearby the Hadimba temple, the museum of Himachal culture and folk art is situated, it contains the models of most the temples and forts in and around the Kullu Valley, it houses traditional textiles, musical instruments, dance masks, domestic and artisans' utensils and masks representing the village deities.


It is a traditional Tibetan monastery, which has an atmospheric prayer room filled with statues of bodhisattvas which when translated means the "enlightened beings" and also of revered lamas.


The Himalayan Nyinmapa Buddhist Temple has a statue of Sakyamuni, the historical Buddha, which is almost two-storey tall,. The temple is visited by many tourists and there is a sign which instructs visitors of the correct way in which to walk round chortens or stupas, i.e.,  anti-clockwise.

Delhi to Manali Distance by road from Delhi Airport/Air/Rail/Road/Car

Delhi to Manali Distance from Delhi Airport

The closet airport is located in Bhunter which around 31 miles south of Manali situated in the town of Bhunter and also 6 miles south of the town of Kullu. Regular flights to the airport from New Delhi is done by the national carrier Air India, the flight leaves from Delhi's IGI Airport.

Check out the Air India site:

Delhi to Manali Distance from Railway Station

The town of Manali is not connected directly with the huge Indian railway network that spans the whole country. The closet railway station is at Una about 155 miles away, then there is Kiratpur which also 167 miles away. The Kalka railway station is also another option situated 171 miles away from Manali. Chandigarh and Pathankot are located 193 miles and 202 miles far respectively.

For Ticket Bookings check the site of Indian Railways:

Delhi to Manali Distance by Road Bus

The town of Manali is very well connected by a good road network. It can be reached from the national capital of Delhi by NH 1 which goes up to Ambala and from there on NH 22 up to the city of Chandigarh and from there onwards you get on NH21 that goes through Bilaspur, Sundernagar, Mandi and Kullu towns.

The road total distance from Chandigarh to Manali is around 190 miles, and it takes around 8 hours to travel, but it depends on the road conditions and traffic. The total distance between the national capital of Delhi to Manali is 350 miles and takes around 12 hours to get there, again it could be more or less depending on the road and traffic conditions.

Buses ply between Delhi to Manali through Chandigarh overnight and are available from all major bus terminal it includes mostly ISBT (Inter State Bus Terminal). The bus includes ordinary buses (Non- AC) as well as Volvo Buses (AC). For more detailed timetable of the buses plying between Delhi to Manali visit the following site:

You also have the option of taking your personal vehicle by collaborating with local travel agencies in Delhi which will give you a car along with a driver, they will charge a nominal security fee, plus the driver's driving fees, you will also have to pay for tolls on your way to Manali.

Nowadays there is also a option of driving cars yourself which you can get on rent, it's a good way to enjoy your trip, a word of caution is that before you rent a car, check if you are eligible to drive on Indian road with your respective country driving license, to avoid unnecessary hassles with the local state police. If all is well with all the formalities, then go ahead , rent a car and drive yourself and your loved ones towards Manali.

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