GoPro Pole Mount Selfie Stick With Remote Discount

GoPro Pole Mount for Stunning Photographs

GoPro Pole Mount cameras have earned a reputation among action sports enthusiasts as a fast, suitable, and rugged way to capture their experiences and stunts. These cameras are indeed fairly useful, but to get extremely good footage, you may need a good GoPro Pole mount to picture in identifying and interesting ways. Do not seem like you need to fork out a lot of cash for a specialised mount. Many people prefer to mount their GoPro camera directly to their helmet. This allows them to seize first person footage in a number of positions. No matter if you like snowboarding, skateboarding, skiing, or more, this mount will allow you to get footage with no hassle.

Formerly, this mount was only accessible on Kickstarter, but you may make one for yourself. Just take the GoPro tripod mount, a spring clamp, as well as a couple nuts and bolts. Drill throughout the spring clamp using an electric drill and after that secure the GoPro camera to the hole utilizing the nuts and bolts.
Serves as an efficient, lightweight mount for seeing all the insane sights you see under the surface. Most significantly, it may go from 18 to 53 to allow you see the submerged wildlife without the need to get overly close yourself. You can save yourself a tonne of cash by making your very own telescoping pole mount.


Again, you’ll really just need a GoPro tripod mount and an adjustable rod of some type, which may be purchased for about $10. Simply take off the end of the post with a hacksaw, and secure the tripod mount. Again, under water, you might wish to move a little from the first person perspective. Hands-free hands will allow for some very distinctive footage, but committed mask mounts are extremely expensive. Instead, you can just pick up an inexpensive GoPro head mount. Lastly, for a truly distinctive shot, you may mount your GoPro to a camera quad copter. This can give you sweeping aerial shots from any angle you need, but these are extremely expensive.

GoPro Pole Mount Selfie Stick With Remote Discount