TOP 11 ADVENTURE THINGS to do Himachal Pradesh Tourism Places

TOP 11 ADVENTURE THINGS to do Himachal Pradesh Tourism Places

For sheer geographical diversity, few places in the world are as richly endowed as Himachal Pradesh, Low rolling hi or climb on to touch the core of the Himalayan mountains. Here lie peaks that are several thousand metres high and never lose their perennial snow, past these, forbidding heights, lie the visually stunning cold desert of the Trans Himalaya Rivers howling through deep gorges and placid mountain lakes, thick forests and acres of green mountainsides draped with snow and green Alpine all form a part of this immense spectrum. The possibilities for a whole range of adventure activities are also enormous, There are day hikes by the thousands, and the trek routes follow trails that last a couple of days or can extend over a few weeks.

There is skiing. heliskiing and ice-skating. There is the thrill of paragliding and the test of stamina with mountain-cyc You can go camping and fishing and play golf or take a safari by car, jeep or on a motorcycle.

There are mountaineering and rock climbing. All you need is a reasonable level of fitness. Equipment, training and instructors are available. And then, All this comes at a fraction of what it would cost you elsewhere in the world. Sedentary or strenuous, for the expert or beginner, Himachal Pradesh has a niche of adventure for everyone.

Himachal Pradesh Tourism Places

1.Golf At Naldehra Himachal Pradesh Tourism: just 23 km’s away with a beautiful view. beyond Shimla is one of the oldest golf courses in India. Named after the daughter of Lord Curzon, the British Viceroy of India, it is a par 68,9 hole course Annandale, in Shimla has a 9 hole course. There is another at the exquisite glade of Khajjiar 22 km’s from Dalhousie and 24kms. from Chamba.

2.Kheer Ganga Trekking Himachal Pradesh Tourism: The main trekking areas in HP are the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges between Shimla and Kullu Valley. There are also treks out of Kullu and in the Trans-Himalayan regions of Kinnaur, Lahaul and Spiti. Most trekking areas are between 1500- 6000 mt’s. With well over 270 defined trails, the variation in terrain is enormous low scrublands, paths through paddy fields, trails strewn with pine needles, woods of oaks and flowering rhododendron, forests of Himalayan cedar & deodar all dotted with small pastoral hamlets, an old Forest dak bungalows’ and SEB and PWD rest houses. Training facilities accommodation is are available a Manali Mountaineering Institute and also at centres of Dharamsala and Bharmour with agencies conducting treks and providing guides, equipment, porters, pack animals and maps Indeed, trekking through can prove to be a nice way of seeing the wonder of Himachal Pradesh. A must visit place kheer Ganga trekking.

3.Heli skiing Manali Himachal Pradesh Tourism: Heli skiing in Manali For high mountain thrills perhaps nothing can surpass the magic of heli-skiing. Under a deep blue sky, you are carried by helicopter to a snow-draped peak. It is a thrilling experience as you rapidly zoom down the slopes and realising that there is nothing except the sky and the snow when icy winds slap your face. It is available in the area found by the Hanuman Tibba, Rohtang Pan, Deo Tibba and Chanderkhani Pass near the resort town of Manali.

4.Kufri skiing Himachal Pradesh Tourism: one of the oldest, near Shimla the Mahasu ridge; the Markhanda ranges 64 kms. from Shimla with a beginners run, an advanced slope and a slalom run and also offering ski courses instruction and equipment on hire; the Directorate of Mountaineering and Allied Sports at Manali offers a variety of courses; the winter and summer skiing in the Solang area near Manali are a few among them.

Camping is the best way to enjoy the wonders of nature with your own gear or opting for any of the several camps offering accommodation, hikes, fishing, catering, nature tours and rafting. at Sarchu in Himachal Tourism has camps Kinnaur, Lahaul, tents at Sangla and Kalpa in and at Kazain Spiti. of India The Youth Hostel Accommodation run camps at Dalhousie, Kullu-Manali; private sector run camps at Baspa Sangla valley, at Kalpa in Kinnaur, at Tabo in Spiti, at Al Hilal Taragarh and Dharamsala in Kangra, at Shoja near Kullu, and at Mashobra and baldeyan near Shimla. Ice-skating The Shimla

5.Shimla Ice Skating Himachal Pradesh Tourism: The Shimla ice-skating rink has the largest open air area with naturally frozen ice in this part of the world. It normally begins in early December and carries on to February. Clear skies and low temperatures provide two sessions with every day, morning and evening. Memberships are available for the seasons, shorter terms and even for single sessions. Fancy dress carnivals gymkhanas ice hockey and dances enliven every season.

6.Bir Billing Paragliding Himachal Pradesh Tourism: This sport is a mix of skydiving and hang gliding and is perhaps the closest man has ever come to sailing the skies as free as a bird. The bald peak of Billing, above the Buddhist monastery of Bir in Kangra, Buddha Dhar near Bilaspur, in the Kullu Valley and Intkali in the Pabbar Valley near Rohra are places where para-gliding is done regularly. The Adventure Sports Hostel at Dharamsala and an Aero Sports Complex at Bir billing paragliding provide training and conduct events.

7.Mahseer Angling Himachal Pradesh Tourism: paradise for fishing in Himachal. Himachal Fishing has several sports for both trout and mahseer as well as other fishes.The best sports fishes both Brown and Rainbow Trout are found in the stream of Himachal. Upstream of Rohru in Pabbar Valley, Chirgaon, Seema, Mandil, Sandasu, Tikri, Dhamvari all within 5 to 25 km’s, from Rohru, Kinnaur’s Baspa river in the Sangla Valley, Uhl river near Barot-Luhandi, the Puran hatchery, Tikkar and Kamand, upper reaches of river Beas in the Kullu Valley and its tributaries like Sarvani, Parbati, Sainj, Hurla and Tirthan-The areas around, Patlikuhl, Katrain, Raison and Largi all are excellent for the sport.

The Kangra valley, reservoir Pong Dam, Nadaun along the river Beas, Chamba Pattan near garlic amar harsi pattan, and Lam Bagoan, and many more offer mahasar.Fishing fees are nominal. The trout fishing is from 31st March to 31st est months for mahasar are those that have an ‘r’ in their spelling-Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Sept, Oct. No and Dec.

8.Kangra Water and River Sports Himachal Pradesh Tourism: The Pong Dam Reservoir in Kangra in collaboration with the Directorate of Mountaineering and Allied Sports provide year-long activities like swimming, water-skiing, surfing, kayaking on the waters of the Gobind Sagar near Bilaspur, the Chamera Lake near Dalhousie and the Pandoh Lake on the Mandi-Kullu National Highway. white water river rafting is presently being hung on the Sutlej close to Shimla. The break game enjoys a reprieve amid winter and in parts of the storms.

9.Kinnaur Mountain Cycling Himachal Pradesh Tourism: Get yourself for high adventure with an expedition on cycles. The whole of Himachal is your playground. The visit can be combined with outdoors camping for several weeks. The lower level regions of the state-Kangra, Una, Hamirpur and Bilaspur-offer tender courses. or you can stretch your mind, muscle and stamina to reach out to the Trans-Himalayan tracts of Lahaul, Spiti and Kinnaur. For the lighter regions, the summer and autumn months are suggested.

10.Lahaul Vehicle Safaris Himachal Pradesh Tourism: You can explore the variety of Himachal Pradesh by jeep, car or motorcycle. By jeep, the Trans-Himalayan tracks can steadily unfold their natural and man-made wonders, cross the Rohtang pass, move through arid Lahaul to Leh and Ladakh or from Shimla-through picturesque Kinnaur, Kinnaur to Lahaul, haunting beauty landscape of Spiti drive over the Kunzam pass to enter Lahaul. All you have to do is buy a route map, plan your trip and are on your way.

11.Kheer ganga trekking Mountaineering and Rock Climbing Himachal Pradesh Tourism: The territory around Manali, directly frames the legend of mountaineering in Himachal Pradesh. The Chandra Bhag ranges, the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar extents area specialists center.. The Beas Kund region and lower reaches of the Hanuman Tibba, the Manali and Skitidar peaks around the source of the river Beas and the Deo Tibba are suggested areas for beginners. The Chandra Bhag ranges, the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar extents area specialists centre. The Manali Institute offers Courses.

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