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I’m a traveller and the creator/writer/photographer behind this small site.

An extremely warm welcome to thesufi within!

I am a 27-year-old wanderer with a small desire to see this big world.My legs are restless but my pace is slow, which gives me enough chances to feel what beauty I gaze at.I created this space for people who are like me who only need to read about their next tempted travel destination, and right away pick up their backpack and get ready to go!On this site, I will be sharing some lifestyle tips & motivation, and travel tips from my life back at home.



'Thesufi within' is a journey through photography/backpacking/How To and the most Recommended Products blog focused on spending budget travelling and very importantly sharing that you don't need to be loaded to travel.We will be sharing our "travel dramas" about our vacations, group travel, city breaks, holidays, bag packing experiences and many more exciting places.Pretty much anything that takes my fancy or my budget permits me to manage.I am a huge fan of road trips and the mountains and so anticipate lots of my experiences to be based around these two travel dramas.

Sometimes I'll splurge on a high-priced venture or a high-end stay, but usually on a strict spending trying to get the most out of my cash and spending budget.


1)Travel Guide and Tricks for your finest travelling experience in India.

2)I mainly use my Gopro Hero 5 now that is black so get prepared for some GoPro photography tricks and hints.

3)Learn the Craft of Backpacking

4)How To do the greatest backpacking treks in India along with other trekking suggestions

5)I will be sharing the most Recommended Products I use for during my trekking and day-to-day.

6)Mountains that will make you travel more

I have travelled a lot within India especially Northern region so thought of sharing my expertise with everybody who could make use of my knowledge. I recently found my love for photography because of the camera I use Nikon D5300 iPhone/Gopro hero 5 black, I learnt something amazing that every man embarks on a journey of self-discovery at some point of time in his or her life. Spiritual enlightenment is attained by many individuals during this journey of introspection. Understanding oneself completely is the maximum stage of self-realization. To achieve this aim, one has to accept one’s defects and unique qualities with honesty and humility.

Life's about understanding oneself an endless quest. It’s time to challenge yourself, to rediscover inclinations, abilities, and your concealed characteristics. Several uneasy questions, which you have swept under the carpet, might resurface. I started this site to share information and the knowledge I collected all these years.

Special Thanks to Devika Bhagat who made this blog happen.

vijay pandit

vijay pandit

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