How to reach Kalga Village Parvati valley

How to reach Kalga Village Parvati Valley

Always take a bus from Majnu ka Tilla bus stand or Isbt Kashmiri gate bus stand Delhi because if you miss your bus by mistake you can book another ticket in case of emergency, I prefer to book my bus tickets through Paytm or Redbus but go for the Paytm because they offer good discounts on Paytm wallet money.

Taking a Night bus is safer and peaceful at night then daytime avoids traffic and noise pollution.

So let’s get to the topic how to reach Kalga village from Delhi.

I am going to divide the routes into many parts so you can get a complete detail of your journey to Kalga village.

Bus Route Delhi to Kalga village Break down below Option one

Delhi to Bhuntar to Kasol to Manikaran to Barshaini to Kalga that’s the route you will be taking to reach Kalga village but there is a BUT in this route, will explain the BUT Route later first simple route be taken.

Take a night bus to Kasol from Delhi the main reason to take a night is because of the time is taken to reach Kasol is 12hrs which is pretty lengthy for me. There are some advantages to taking a night bus to Kasol.

Getting a good sleep so you wake in the morning with a fresh mind.

You can watch movies on your mobile phone to spend the time if you have a sleeping problem, a lot of people can’t sleep in the bus due to moving motion problems anxiety and if you’re a movie freak download these apps. I prefer Netflix need to complete my season called Black Mirror. Go for a thrilling movie to keep you awake.

Delhi to Kalga Village Bus Route

Time needed: 12 hours and 59 minutes.

  1. Delhi to Bhuntar Distance 483.1 KmTime:- Delhi to Bhuntar 11hrs
    If you take a bus from Delhi to Bhuntar it will cost you approximately Rs 1100/- from there you need to take a local bus to Kasol.
  2. Bhuntar to Kasol 31.4 KmTime:- Bhuntar to Kasol 1Hrs 15Min
    The local bus Journey is like a rollercoaster and too bumpy ride. Bus fare Rs 50 to 100/-. The taxi will cost you around Rs 800/- and above.
  3. Kasol to Manikaran Bus 5 Km
     Kasol to Manikaran 20Min
    I will never stay in Kasol as it’s too crowded for a person like me who loves nature and peace. Taking a bus from Kasol to Manikaran will cost you around Rs 60/- but you will have the most amazing view of the Himalayas with a rollercoaster ride.
  4. Manikaran to Barshaini 12 KmTime:- Manikaran to Barshaini 45min
    Now, this is Route the tricky part of the journey, alright let me explain it to you, from Manikaran Sahib to Barshaini there are many buses which go to Barshaini but Remember the last bus to Barshaini from Manikaran is at 6 PM evening after that there is Big No Buses to Barshaini. The last bus which goes to Barshaini bus stop from Manikaran Is Krishan Bus Service. It operates all Seven days at 6 PM. The bus will cost you around Rs 50/-.
  5. Barshaini to Kalga HikeAlways try and reach around 5 pm or before that because it will be difficult for some hikers to hike from Barshaini to Kalga during the night. Many people have problems hiking during the night
    Welcome to Kalga village the apple village of Himachal Pradesh.

The second option called the BUT ROUTE to reach Kalga village.

The BUT Route takes a direct bus from Delhi to Kasol and Remember only a few direct buses are available from Delhi to Kasol so book it in advance to get the seats. It’s lil longer than option one because you ‘ll not be going thru Bhuntar so the time taken from Delhi to Bhuntar and Bhuntar to Kasol local bus is longer than the Delhi to direct Kasol. Plus 2 extra relaxing hours in the Volvo bus instead of local Himachal transport. You can avoid 2 hours of bumpy ride from Bhuntar to Kasol.

Kasol to Barshaini take a Taxi

Taxis are available in Bhuntar, Kasol, Manikaran, to Barshaini. Taxi is expensive in the whole of Himachal I generally avoid taking taxis but if you’re one who prefers taxi luxury ride. Luxury comes with a cost.

Direct taxi to Barshaini will take a 45min ride and will cost you around Rs 2000/-.

Barshaini to Kalga village Hike

It’s a small hike from Barshaini to Kalga but it’s steep so be prepared, get your lungs together.

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