How to Prevent Mosquito Bites In Backpacking

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How to Prevent Mosquito Bites In Backpacking


Backpacking in the wilderness can be really exciting to do. There are so many good things in doing this activity because not only does it become one of the most stress-relieving activities but this can be an alternative to your exercise. I also love sleeping outdoors because you get to smell the fresh air. It can also be very dreamy especially when you can see the night skies and the stars above. Despite the many wonderful feeling that this adventure could bring, there is also something that I hate about it. It is me getting prone to insect bites. The best way to prevent this is to bring the right Coleman backpacking tents that create a barrier in between you and the insects.

With regard to this matter, one of your options is bringing a mosquito net with you. If you have not seen one, it is a type of fabric that looks like a net. It is usually being hung over the sleeping area so that before you can enter the sleeping bag, there will be an additional cover to prevent mosquitoes from biting you. They have a fine mesh-structure that will allow good ventilation while creating a physical barrier from the mosquitoes. They are good lightweight backpacking tents as they are really ultra-light. You will not even notice that they are there when you have packed your things.

Mosquito Bites In Backpacking

Since we are dealing with wilderness backpacking in here, Coleman has various products that make mosquito netting very much possible in the outdoors. This net is made out of polyester mesh and can be easily suspended in air with the use of poles and ropes depending on what can fit your tents. It has a rectangular shape that could fit the structure of your sleeping bags, assuring you protection while you are snoozing in the night. This backpacking tent can be easily washed as well.

Another great mosquito net that you can use for backpacking is one that has been manufactured by Stansport. This ultra economic backpack weighs .55 pounds only. Even the smallest insect could not penetrate as it is made out of polyester material. In any case, you do not want to sleep inside the tent and you just want to be exposed in the open while sleeping in the night, you can still sleep soundly. All you have to do is attach the ring in any branch of the tree and it will get suspended in the air easily.

These are few of the lightweight backpacking gear that you can use for overnight stays. Although some mosquito nets are treated with repellant to make it more effective, you can also apply some solution to yourself if worse comes to worse. You cannot stay inside the net forever and eventually, you have to step out. So in the mornings if those mosquitoes are still after you, then you can put on mosquito repellant in lotion form or aerosol directly to your skin. Just make sure to reapply it to have continuous protection day and night.

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