How to plan a Backpacking Trip

How to plan a backpacking trip

One of my friends returned from a camping trip with a cut on his forehead. A tree branch caught it as he was trekking down the mountain. It was not a big cut but when you are in the wild, it can get serious. He said he was lucky because his partner has a first aid kit, which he used to treat his wound.
After the experience, he told me that it is important to plan your outdoor trip well especially if you are backpacking. As opposed to camping alone, backpacking is more challenging. He said if you want to have more fun, plan the trip well, from the cheap lightweight backpackingto the complete first aid kit:

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If you plan to go backpacking, here are some guidelines on how to plan your trip:

The first thing that you need to consider is your destination and the length of time you will be spending there. After choosing your location, do your research. Prepare the necessary documents and permits. Study the different terrains as well. Check for water sources and the distance between them. Prepare yourself for any challenging hikes.

Look for someone to join you. If you are not an experienced backpacker, look for someone who is. Compare your lightweight backpacks. Check for the gear that you can share to make your backpack lighter. Plan the trip with your partner. Show him you’re itinerary and consider his suggestion. Plan your meals together as well. Make sure that you have enough food and water supply.

Check the items that you will bring. Choose only the essential gear from all the great backpacking camping tents. Remember, although they are lightweight, their accumulated weight weighs a lot. That is why you need to check the gears of your partners. Discuss with him what you should bring individually and what you should share.

Plan your activities and your route. If you are not familiar with the area, research about it. Check if there are any wild animals or other things that you need to anticipate. Include in your plan the length of time it would take for you to get from one campsite to another.

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Do some research about the things you need to do when you are in the wild. You can never be too prepared. It is better to arm yourself with the know-how’s when you are in the wild. Equip yourself with the basic survival tips like what to do when you encounter a grizzly bear, what to do when you are lost, how to start a fire, or where to camp when there is a sudden change in the weather. Keep in mind that the wild is very unpredictable. Knowing what to do when your lightweight backpacking tent is busted will surely make a huge difference to your survival.

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Backpacking is a very challenging outdoor activity. There are so many things that you can experience when you are exploring the wild. You will encounter challenges and difficulty but you will have fun during your journey as well.

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