How Light Should Lightweight Backpacks be?

How Light Should Lightweight Backpacks be?


Lightweight backpacking is a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts who also need to have lightweight backpacking gear as well as backpacking equipment. Backpacks are increasingly becoming smaller and smaller. The average weight of Lightweight backpacks is usually around three pounds—a big break from the usual seven pounds.

What’s wonderful about these backpacks is that although they are lighter, they are capable of carrying more number of gears and supplies than you can imagine. Thanks to their highly sophisticated designs. One feature that adds up to the whole effect is the mesh outer pockets that usually come with lightweight backpacks. They are great for storing peripheral camping gears.

Some ultralight backpacking tents are not necessarily small. They simply have features that make them lighter without having to cut down on their sizes. One such backpack is the frameless lightweight backpack. These are backpacks that don’t have frames. Backpackers simply turn their sleeping bags into handy frames. This is actually a goof downsizing technique—making use of gears for a multitude of purposes.

Going lightweight is basically a matter of attitude and mindset. If you are truly bent at going ultralight, then you are sure to find a host of ways. But if your heart is just not in it, then buying a lightweight backpack serves no purpose, especially if you will be bent at bringing an extra bag for things you can’t afford to leave behind. Going lightweight is not as simple as it seems as many avid backpackers come to realize. It takes a lot of willpower and resolves to cut down the habit of bringing a lot of stuff when out camping. If you want to be successful with your ultralight backpacking plans, then you must inculcate the philosophy deep down your system.

Once you’ve had the right attitude and mindset, everything else will follow. You will find yourself finding ingenious ways to go lightweight backpacking. You can find a multitude of use for a single gear. Or you can make your strategy as simple as sharing gears with your camping buddies. And of, don’t forget to share the whole philosophy with the rest of the gang. Working towards one goal will make everything easier for each one of you.

Though you’re going lightweight, make sure you don’t miss on any one of the essentials. For one, you must never forget to bring a source of outdoor lighting for your camping trip. Camping lanterns are what you need. My favorite is the LED camping lantern which is very compact, light and handy. They are also very convenient and safe to use. Other types of outdoor lanterns to choose from are the kerosene lanterns, gas lanterns and the electric lanterns for camping. If you are getting confused, you can shop online for a more informed purchase.

It would be great if you make a checklist just to be sure. You don’t want to arrive at the camping site all excited only to find out that you have nothing to use for cooking. So go on, work on your checklist now.

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