Hiking With Gabbar – Important Considerations

Being accompanied by a dog on your hiking trip adds to your pleasures while ensuring safety and proves a treat even for your canine friend. Apart from contributing to physical fitness and mental relaxation, hiking helps in building a bond of friendliness between you and your pet.


A dog needs to be trained for hiking depending on its ability and the land terrain. Trainings range from taking dogs on short walks to neighborhood parks or off leash areas that act as playful places for other dogs as well. Going on short hikes at the initial stage and gradually increasing the mileage with the booties on is a good way to train your dogs while caring for their feet.

Altitude acclimation is also an important consideration when hiking at a terrain of higher elevation. Adjusting to higher altitudes requires you to drink much water during the initial days.

Consult a trail map to locate the presence of streams and lakes along your hiking trail. Presence of water sources allows your dog to take a wet plunge and feel refreshed after an exhaustive day at hiking. Should you not want to suffer from Giardia, carry excess fresh water.

Carry enough of nutrient rich dog food to ensure that the dog remains active throughout the trip. Your dog can carry its own backpack containing food and water on long trips.

Since many places do not allow dogs on trail, check beforehand to avoid later complications.

It is better to keep a dog in leash and have a watchful eye on it while outside, to prevent it from being attacked by other wild animals.

Prior to hiking on an unexplored trail, consider the various nuances like depth, length and pathway of the trail to ascertain your pet’s ability to cross over it without much risk.

Let your dog learn and subscribe to proper etiquettes while hiking outside.

Keep a check on your dog’s health to know if it is fit enough to accompany you on your trip.


 Holistic Hiking With Gabbar

Holistic Hiking With Gabbar

Holistic hiking involves treating your pet to the most caring services to make it feel special and good from inside.

Feed your dog a wholesome balanced diet preferably an organic meat and vegetable based diet avoiding carbohydrates, artificial flavoring, coloring, preservatives and by-products. Ingredients like corn, corn gluten meal, beet pulp, rice gluten, rice bran, soybean meal and sorghum should better be avoided.

Vitamin, mineral and Salmon Oil supplements increases activity among dogs while bringing a natural glow to their skin and preventing arthritis. Glucosamine and chondroitin ensure strength and wellness to the joints of dogs. While anti-oxidants resist organ degeneration and cancer and Coenzyme Q 10 is good for heart function of animals.

Giving a massage to your dog post a hiking trip not only relaxes its muscles but has a therapeutic effect on you as well.

Include a first aid kit in your backpack to have a ready remedy at your easy reach for untoward diseases and injuries.

You could also go through a few books on hiking with pets for more suggestions prior to the hiking trip.

Having known all about the joy of hiking with your dog now let your loyal friend accompany you on your next hiking trip to make it more memorable.

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