Going Camping with Lightweight Backpacking Tent

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Going Camping with Light Weight Backpacking Tent

Lightweight backpacking is the ultimate in backpacking and camping gear. A heavy tent is just a big obstacle in lightweight backpacking. In choosing the best ultralight backpacking tents, just ask yourself the following questions.

Am I claustrophobic? There are lightweight tents that are just fancy bivy sacks that make you feel like sleeping in a coffin. Backpacking tents manufacturers of this type should really make it more comfortable for a backpacker.

Will my height be affected? The length of a lightweight backpacking tent should not be just a few inches more than your actual height because you may get soaked from the condensation that may occur on the outside.

What am I going to do in a tent? If you are the type who just wants to sleep, total floor and headspace would not matter. But if you like to play some cards with friends for hours on end, then you will need a tent design that will allow for that.

Will I be backpacking in bad weather often? If the only time you want to go backpacking is on summer nights, then go purchase tents from a backpacking tent sale for cheaper lesser quality tents.

How much will I need to budget for a tent? For the best backpacking tent, there are, the more expensive they are sold and the lighter they are, too. But if you want a really even lighter and cheaper tent, then most backpackers will recommend the tarp shelter.

Which is more important a fast set-up or lightest weight? Although there are numerous designs of tents in the market, you just need to keep in mind your preferences of lightweight backpacking tents for your use.

Here is some more information regarding lightweight backpacking tent.

There are single-layer tents without a rain-fly where they may have condensation also inside the tent. This is actually true even from those claiming to be waterproof and breathable. The newer designs though have been built with lots of ventilation because air circulation is important as well.

Before purchasing the right one, try to test the tent. It is not good setting up a complicated tent when it is raining. You may tear up seams from the tent’s ends because you will have to fight with it just to keep it grounded. So try the tent first because if it doesn’t work for you, then you can return it.

There is a 2 person camping tent that is also lightweight made with a forward sloping door allowing a large screen area to keep airflow at a maximum thereby keeping condensation minimal. There are also “floorless” tents made with specially cut tarps that use trekking poles for support. This is a three-person design weighing less than 2lbs and may need a groundsheet.

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