Don’t Forget Your Camping Equipment Checklist

The camping equipment checklist should be treated as the camper’s Bible. The word is, if you want a well organized and relaxing camping trip then make sure that you have a checklist. You only have to do a search on Google these days and you will find that there are camping experts springing up all over the internet. Without exception all these experts agree that the best camping trips are those that start with the camping equipment checklist.

The checklist means that you have taken stock of everything that you think you will need and can’t get elsewhere while you are on a camping trip. The camping equipment checklist will be different for everyone. We each have our own ideas of what is important to a good camping trip. Unless you are going rv camping or sailing a boat up and down the canals then there is a generic camping equipment checklist of items that no-one should be without. This should include the following:

* Tent or tents
* Back packs
* Sleeping bags
* Sleeping pads
* A grill or some other form of cooking equipment
* A large torch or electric lantern
* Tin opener
* Water carrier
* Spare batteries
* Stout walking shoes
* Warm clothing
* Basic food items
* Matches
* Cooking and eating utensils

There are probably a lot of other things that most people will want to add to this camping equipment checklist as the list above is not exhaustive. You may want some extra storage room in the form of a tent attic which you attach to the roof of your tent. If you are going camping late in the season then you might want to add extra blankets and a hot water bottle. If you plan on going fishing then you will need to take your fishing tackle. Everyone should have a basic first aid kit and some generic painkillers such as aspirin or paracetamol.

The camping equipment checklist – tailored to meet your own needs, is a vital part of a well planned and stress free camping holiday. There is nothing worse than getting to your holiday destination and finding you have forgotten to pack some vital item. If you are out in the wilds with no shops and have forgotten something important then it may mean that you have to turn back. The camping equipment checklist is used to prevent this kind of thing happening and to ensure that everyone has the best camping experience possible. The list will also come in handy on your return because you can tick items off as you unpack them and store them away ready for your next camping holiday.

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