Do Bodybuilders Need Nitric Oxide Supplements?

Do Bodybuilders Need Nitric Oxide Supplements?

Nitric Oxide is a gas that helps your body with the circulation of the blood. It also regulates other functions of the body. Nitric Oxide can also help control blood pressure. It is also especially popular with men in that nitric oxide helps with some cases of erectile dysfunction.

Nitric Oxide supplements initially became popular with the bodybuilding community. The improved blood flow helps with the “pump” that bodybuilders are always looking for. Making the blood vessels larger allows for better transport of nutrients to your muscle cells. Nitric oxide can also act as an anti-inflammatory agent. Reducing inflammation can reduce soreness and improve recovery time.

MRI NO2 was the first big-time nitric oxide bodybuilding supplement. It was all the rage for awhile. Then, as with any other popular supplement, every other company under the sun decided to make their own version. You name a supplement company, they have a nitric oxide supplement.

So does increasing nitric oxide actually increase muscle mass? Some people will tell you that it does. Well, it does not. Increased blood flow is great, but that’s all nitric oxide will do for you.

The only way you can increase muscle mass is through consuming higher quantities of good calories. You can take all the supplements in the world, but if you don’t eat you will not get any bigger. You have to take in more calories than your body uses to increase your muscle mass. That’s the bottom line. All the nitric oxide supplements in the world won’t help you with that.

Yes, you can take a nitric oxide supplement and get some great pumps, have some great workouts, but that’s pretty much it. I still use it occasionally to help me through some of my tough workouts. Also, keep in mind that a higher carbohydrate intake will help a great deal with the “pump” you are chasing. If you don’t think so try taking a supplement like NO2 while you are on a low carb diet. You will notice that the pumps are still not as good even when taking the supplement.

Do Bodybuilders Need Nitric Oxide Supplements Side effects

From personal experience, the only side effects I remember from nitric oxide is fever blisters. If you are prone to having fever blisters, nitric oxide supplements will increase the frequency of getting them. It’s pretty much a guarantee that if you get them on occasion, you will get them again when you start taking a nitric oxide supplement.

If you have a little bit of money laying around and you wanna take something else to give you a mental boost in the gym, take some nitric oxide supplements. Do you need them? No, you don’t. Nitric oxide would be one of the last supplements that I would buy if I am trying to gain mass. You have to have the protein, the good food, the calories, heck even creatine to help you put on mass.

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